2004-08-24 - Jiggety-Jig
Home and Safe. More later.

2004-07-30 - Mirage
I woke up feeling noticeably clear headed this morning. Everything smelled and looked really sharp. While I was walking down my steps to street level, the arched window above my front door caught my eye. Usually when this sort of eye catching happens, I make a picture, and I did. Except the camera didn't flash. Re-boot. The camera still doesn't flash. Grrr...not a fun thing to happen the day before a
big trip.

Methinks I will limp along with the flashless camera during the day, and switch to the smaller Sony swag camera when I might need flash.

I'll be rolling out first thing tomorrow morning, and will be back in a few weeks. I have no plans to post while I'm away, but might if I stumble on an Internet oasis.

2004-07-27 - Baby Back Rates
Last night I took a six year old generic vicodin that was prescribed when I was passing a kidney stone. I hoped it would relax my back enough that the seemingly misaligned ribs would have an opportunity to slip back into their proper sockets.

I'm not sure if the vicodin did my back any good, but I had wonderful dreams about a ham handed huge furry biker Daddy massage therapist that I will surely run into at Sturgis. I pretended that I cared what his rates were.

2004-07-25 - Colored
OMG! I found
Autumn Colored Sharpies! This just made my weekend... was Dore Alley fair this weekend.

I won a $100USD gift certificate for Stompers Boots at the Bay Area Cigar Buddies beer bust Saturday. I also met a couple of nice East Coast guys with firey cinnamon & sugar whiskers that kept callin' me little brother...awwwww.... Had dinner with them and went home and to bed alone and early.

Went to REI to pick up some more Sturgis trip stuff, then to Cycle Gear to get some CO2 cartridges. I left Tainn parked at Cycle Gear and headed into the fair. There were guys and stuff. Blah Blah Blah...

All in All a pretty non-descript weekend compared to Autumn Colored Sharpies.

2004-07-22 - Happiness Calls
One of the things that almost always invokes strong emotions in me is hearing folks find fault in things I love. Sometimes I am Defensive. Sometimes I am Angry. Sometimes I am Tickled because I am Blessed to enjoy something that others cannot.

I have heard folks that have lived in my neighborhood for decades that bitch that everything has changed and it is "not like it used to be." Just recently someone who had come back after many years away commented on how nothing had changed. I love weekend afternoons at the coffee shop. Seeing the big rainbow flag flip in the wind and cast shadows on my bedroom walls. I still cry every Christmas Eve at the Home for the Holidays Concert right next door.

I hear similar criticisms about San Francisco in general, Pride weekend, the Lone Star...just about everything I hold dear.

It is interesting to hear all the talk today about Lazy Bear. Like anything else, you not so much get out of it what you put into it--you get out of it what you are ready to receive. If you are not happy with yourself, Lazy Bear is not going to make you happy. Nor will San Francisco nor the Castro nor Pride nor birthday parties nor ice cream nor that dreamy guy you pine for.

I think alot of people expect things to make them happy. Then they are hurt when they aren't happy and want to blame. It's the muscle guys fault I didn't enjoy Lazy Bear. My friends didn't do the right thing for my birthday. Pride is all about flamboyant queens and beer sales. Straight people moving in are ruining the Castro. People with more money have nicer things than I do. People don't like me because I'm fat. Dancing and playing cards is a sin. Same sex marriage will ruin my mixed sex marriage.

I would love to have and share some profound fix for this sort of thing. Truth is, I struggle with it as much as the next soul. When you catch me at it, please call me on it. And remind me I am Blessed and need to be Tickled by it.

2004-07-21 - Cold Sleep
I hooked up with
Tom last night to share a steak dinner at Red Grille. We didn't actually make it over there for dinner `til 9:30pm. The steak hit the spot. We went for a long warn around the Castro enjoying the oddly balmy summer weather after dinner.

Big late dinner + warm night + odd dreams + asshole kid screaming obsecnities into his cellphone across the street from 2:30am to 3:20am + weird roommate deciding he needed to make himself a mac and cheese dinner at 3:30am made for next to no rest last night. I am so worn out. I want to soak in cold water and sleep.

2004-07-20 - Nutty
I'm having weird cravings for rare steak and peanutbutter fudge.

2004-07-18 - Sun Block Star
Sometimes you feel like a star. Sometimes you don't. This is good. I like feeling like the center of the universe sometimes. I also like feeling small and unnoteworthy.

Thanks to the powers that be for making me big enough to take care of business and small enough to duck.

This was definitely one of the "cannot hold the sky" weekends. Many more things to see and do and people to visit and love on than I could ever hope to. I think I made some very good choices. I am very fortunate that many other folks made choices that worked out in my favor. I am also very fortunate that there were plenty of big furry bastards jonesing to rub me down with sunblock. Mmmm....

2004-07-15 - State of the DrewBear
I called in the last two days and did little else but sleep. When I was getting ready this morning, I noticed I had a new rev of vision software running. This is the first new rev I've noticed in two months or so. (They came out almost weekly after
I got lasik.) Damn, I would have never though it was possible to see this well.

I was updating a profile where I had a message about just getting a new motorcycle. I've had Tainn for just over a year now and we rolled around 18,000 miles together. For the record, I don't use her for my commutes to work.

I cut myself while shaving this morning. I didn't even notice `til I was washin' up afterwords. The cut is also so small that I can't make a photo without zoomin' in so far that context is lost. Must be my newly enhanced vision.

I posted a few pics of myself mudwrestling Saturday that made and is kind enough to share. (Pre, Ass, Pin).

2004-07-14 - Nursery Rhymes
Five bears in my bed and one cried out "Roll over. I'm horny."

2004-07-12 - Mud Love
I was all geared up to be really mean to
PyroGeoff this weekend in the best of big brotherly ways, but it was really no fun seein's that he was already gettin' kicked in the balls from any number of other directions. While I admit that I was disappointed that he didn't show up at the Eagle to mudwrestle and denied me the opportunity to defend BuffaloBear's honor, I did get to wrastle with a beefy East Bay graybeard. It was so cute when he explained to me how he is a top while I had him pinned down in the mud.

After getting mostly cleaned up, wallowing in the mud again and then getting more properly cleaned up, I did a victory lap at the Lone Star. I was tickled that after learning of my recent switch to a straight razor, Lurch had sent mutual friend Geo-Mark to check to see if my whiskers were still intact. Rest assured, they are. A bit less abundant than before, but most likely unnoticeable to the casual observer.

I shared a light dinner Saturday evening with a friend of an East coast acquaintance I haven't seen for seven years or so. I was a good host and took him to the BeagHug afterwords. I am tickled that someone who most likey saw less than three minutes of me at play has somehow (wildly inaccurately) extrapolated my entire sexual preference. I will leave him to his imaginings and rigorously avoid sex with him. Too bad seeings that his husband is a beefcake sweety.

I was flattered by the attentions of many men at the beerbusts Sunday. I must be in "Feast" mode. Hopefully that doesn't mean "Famine" at Lazy Bear.

2004-07-09 - Silver Print
Last night after dinner with
John & Joe, Joe thought it might be fun to check out a San Francisco Motorcycle Club meeting. It was kinda fun. I won a nice print in the weekly "Pot of Silver" raffle and they had relatively cheap beer. I think I will keep an eye on their calendar and try out a run or two.

2004-07-07 - Longblade
The first shave with the new razor was not disastrous. Or leastwise not nearly as disastrous as it could have been. No cuts nor scrapes nor nicks, and it is alot easier to do than I thought it would be. Until I noticed that I was so busy worrying about not cutting off my ears that the other end of the long blade was effortlessly cutting though the edges of my big "pie eater" goatee. I wonder if I can find a razor with a shorter blade.

2004-07-06 - Strop, plop and bedroll
My trip to the barber on Friday during lunch was very educational. Had I not gone and saw how shaving with a straight razor is done properly, I would have probably torn myself up trying. I have yet to try to shave myself. I need to pop back by Columbus Cutlery today and pick up a strop and hone.

Rigth after work, I packed my camping gear into my truck and headed up to
Lake Sonoma. Eight guys stayed at our "primitive" only accessible by boat or really long hike without trails campsite. I love being wet and naked, swimming at night and in the company of good folks. I had plenty of opportunities this weekend and enjoyed myself.

This might very well be my last camping trip before Sturgis. I need to get some additional stuff if I'm going to be camping for more than a few days. Most notably a new sleeping bag and some kind of packable pillow. I've been using the stuff sack for my bedroll stuffed with t-shirts, but I don't think that will cut it for 3+ weeks of camping.

2004-07-01 - Razor Shell
After searching around few weeks for a local place that sells straight razors, I found some at Columbus Cutlery. Not only razors, but advice. They gave me contact info for a barber that shows guys how to use `em. Turns out said barber is on the other side of the block I work on in the
Shell Building. With any luck, I'll be able to get an appointment with him tomorrow. I hope to be proficient with the razor before I leave for my vacation in August. Woo Hoo!

Not much in other news, I've been taking it easy this week and getting a good deal of sleep. Either recovering from the marathon work weekend of Pride, or maybe fighting off a proto-cold/sore throat/ear infection. Oh--I did earn the forth star on my pokémon trainer card, which is the maximum I've seen documented anywhere. Too bad there's not a pokémon center here in SF to show it off at.